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鬼面仏心 Kimenbusshin, new Keiko DVD w Mats Hjelm and Kent T

DVD is available at

Title: Keiko24 – Mats Hjelm & Kent T – Taijutsu-Kenjutsu-Nawajutsu (Kimenbusshin)
Instructors: Mats Hjelm & Kent T
Theme: Taijutsu, Kenjutsu, Nawajutsu
Recorded: Recorded in Stockholm February 7-8th 2009
The instruction is in English!
Format: DVD/R- (it might not work on old DVD players! check your manual first!) 105 Minutes playing time.

Shortly after their Japan trip this year training with Soke and the Shihan, they held this seminar.

In this video many basic and advanced techniques is shown.

* Taihenjutsu-ukemi, rolling with or without weapon
* Taijutsu, basics and advanced techniques
* Kenjutsu, sword techniques
* Nawajutsu, using the rope to entangle the opponent

About the instructors

Mats Hjelm started training in Bujinkan for the first time around 1983, but it wasn’t until 1986 he had the opportunity to start training more seriously under a Shidôshi. He attends around 20 seminars, go to Japan 2-3 times every year. Since he started training he never had a training break. He takes his budo training very seriously!

Kent T has been practing Bujinkan Budo Taijutsu for 20 years and is one of the main instructors at Kaigozan Dojo in Stockholm.

If you want to sponsor a seminar or course, please don’t hesitate to contact them. For more information see Mats web site or find Kent at

DVD is available at

[new] Dean Rostohar – Shinken kata vol 6 – Hoken / Hiken Juroppo

Now available in the Budo Shop

Bujinkan Ninpo Budo Taijutsu / Ninjutsu is a Warrior art, which in its techniques uses Dakentaijutsu and Jutaijutsu fighting techniques.

On this seminar Shihan Dean Rostohar from Croatia, taught Hoken Juroppo, real combat and explosive techniques with usage of all parts of human body surfaces through Jutaijutsu and Dakentaijutsu.

In Ninpo Budo Taijutsu, whole body is a weapon, where the way of fighting is totally diferent then in sports. Like a guide, to students, a Ninja way of fighting uses whole body for hitting, which consists of 16 basic body weapons called Juroppoken Taijutsu.

In this DVD you could better understand the tactics and principles with usage of Shinken Gata through techniques of Hoken Juroppo. Use this unique oportunity and learn the proper use of Shinken Gata, to understand how to fight in real combat situations.
This seminar was for advanced students, but also suitable for begginers who want to have expirience of real fighting.
This seminar was organized in Zagreb, Croatia, on 25th and 26th of September 2004.

[new] Dean Rostohar – Shinken kata vol 5 – Tactical Knife Combat

Now available in the Budo Shop

On the 10/11. December 2005. a seminar with the theme “Tactical Knife Combat” was hold within the organization of Specwog, in Zagreb. The seminar was led by Specwog Chief Instructor Dean Rostohar where he taught his Tactical Technical Combat System.

The knife is a weapon that we can encounter every day and it’s one of the most dangerous weapons, especially in the hands of an expert. The knife is also one of the basic weapons and tools of elite Special forces, and is an obligatory part of training.Knife fighting is, by it’s nature, dirty, dangerous and deadly.

In order to know how to defend from a knife, it is neccesary to know how the knife functions and how to fight with it. Unfortunately, with increasing crime rate, the number of victims of knife attack has also increased, what we can see every day in the media.

However, the knife is also a great self-defence mean in the situations of ultimate neccessity. There is no efficient defence against the knife, if you don’t understand this weapon.

This seminar was dedicated to combat tactics with a knife. Through various combat technics and drills with a knife, the students was learned tactics of fighting with a knife. The combat technic drills are very important in tactics of knife fighting because the drills teach us how to manipulate the knife, how to properly move, properly use our body and knife in exercises without a partner. Drills also teach us how to react properly, and to train and learn our movements and reflexes in exercises with a partner, so that it would be useful in possible combat.

All aspects of fighting with or against the knife, technics with standard and reverse knife grip, basic cuts and stabs, the ways of carrying and drawing the knife, tactical movement, tactical grabbing of the attackers weapon, taking attackers attack into a trap, the technics of immobilizing with a knife, tactical reflex drills, entering and dynamic attack with the body, the principle defence=>attack; attack=>defence, tactical disarming with the knife, using body with knife technics, etc. was shown and trained on the seminar.

In order for someone to know how to use the knife as a mean of self-defence, he has to know how to combine the technics with a proper psycho-physical attitude.