Shinkenkata vol 7 – Dean Rostohar, Ninpo-taijutsu to Heiho


Dean taught unarmed defence, knife, sword and stickfighting. Dean and three members from his Dojo also taught many tactical techniques how to work as a group.


This is a very good video if you are interested in realistic self-defence and fighting from the Bujinkan system. We also recommend this video to anyone working or interested in security work as a guard or police. Although some of the techniques is not allowed to use in police force/work you can still see how it could be used against you if the opponent is good.

This video was filmed during his seminar in Stockholm, Sweden sponsored by Bujinkan Kaigozan Dojo. September 26-27’th 2009.

With Dean Shihans experience from real fighting in war, and also from his time in the police force in Croatia he certainly know what he is doing. For his full resume, check out his web site… Dean bio or SPECWOG bio

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