DVD’s are dead

Yes DVD’s are dead, it happened in October, no DVD orders in two months.
So we have closed the DVD store and we will only supply Download Movies from now on.
We are sorry for this, if you still want DVD’s you can download the movie and make your own DVD.

The Bujinkan theme for 2012 is SWORD…

The Bujinkan Theme for 2012 training is “futsu” and there will be a lot of trainings with the sword. When I’m writing this the trainings haven’t started yet, and no one really knows what the trainings will be like. I’ve already seen some good articles explaining some concepts, but I’m not sure if they will help you or plant something different in your mind that will distract you from what Hatsumi Soke will teach us this year.

At Budoshop.se we got many Bujinkan sword DVD’s from the past years that might be good for studying the base sword work that is taught in the Bujinkan. We also have Swedish Tai Kai DVD’s with Hatsumi Soke, he always taught a lot of sword techniques in the past to. If you haven’t been around that long or just want to recap from the old days we got some good DVD’s for you. Check them out!

Paying problems and Facebook comments.

It has come to my attention that some of you had problems paying and download. I think it has to do with Payloadz credit card gateway only allowing a few countries. If you have problems, please try to use the PayPal option instead. PayPal also allows payment with credit cards, and from a lot more countries. So please use the PayPal as Payment method.

Facebook comments

I also noticed that the comment option was not working (I don’t know for how long because no one said anything since I installed and tested it, and it worked). Please feel free to go and add comments to each video. You need a Facebook account to do it, I know some don’t use FB but this way we will filter out 99% of the spam comments.
We won’t censor the comments, we think that everyone can stand for what they say even when everyone can see who said what (compared to anonymous posts with silly comments).

Store problem…

I was just notified that the web shop system isn’t working properly (not the download store which works fine). I don’t know for how long it’s been like that, but it’s been awfully quiet for a very long time know. I don’t know why it’s broken, but I made a back up of the whole site now, and will update with the latest patches ASAP. And hope this will resolve the problems.

Even the contact form was broken :-/. But I switched to the wordpress contact form instead of the shop system… http://budoshop.se/contact/

You can e-mail or use the contact form and notify what you want to order, and we will reply with a Paypal money request ASAP. And then ship the order when cleared, even if we haven’t got the web site up and working properly.

Thanks to you guys who notified us by e-mail and Facebook!

Edit: Minor problems with the update. The contact form worked, but the installation changed all the files where telephone number and e-mail address is. I need to manually change all the 20 files :-/ (this happens everytime I upgrade, it is stupid!).

Please let me know if it still doesn’t work!

New blog theme is Arras

As you may have noticed we changed the theme and style on this blog, please let us know what you think. Click on the attached image to see how it looked before.

Magento commerce fails another upgrade

If you’re thinking of setting up a web store, don’t choose Magento! Upgrades always fuck up the the SQL tables, always.

If you’re a smart guy and remember to back up before happily click on the upgrade to the newest “stable” version button, or do it when you know you have unlimited hours to spare you can go for it.

Magento is a very good but extremely complicated system. It is not like WordPress which is very simple, and never fails an upgrade.

I fucked up with the upgrade, and wish I postponed it until I have plenty of time to handle the errors. This never fails… there is always something :-).

I have no idea when the store will be up again. If you are in a hurry you can contact me and we fix it without this shitty Magento cart system.

Now I want my coffe!

Edit (day after)… I didn’t do anything and now everything works again, so I’m happy now. I guess it was the web server cache or something? Anyway now that it is upgraded I ordered a back up. My web host only allow 30 second php executions which is way too little to back up the huge database from the Magento admin panel. I will clean it up from log files as soon as I have the backup, there is no button from the admin to do this so I have to install a script, or do it manually :-/. Maybe then the back up script from the admin panel will finish within 30 seconds (I hope).

My web host do take backup daily, so if I don’t do it hey do it. Worst case scenario is that I loose data just before the daily backup. But all payments are done on PayPal servers, and I’m sure they do backup the whole time.

Our customers credit card numbers and PayPal accounts is safely stored on PayPal, we never have access to your credit card information. If they screw up it will be on the news all over the world since millions of people use their service.

So there is no cause for you to worry!

New Ajax search on the web Store

Skärmavbild 2009-12-09 kl. 18.27.53I installed a new Ajax search function on the web store site, in the top search box and in the right column (not on the advanced search page).

When you have typed three characters it will start searching on the fly, you can keep typing or click on one of the items showing up on the search.

Please let me know if you have problems!

Also if you want your stuff until Christmas, please make the order soon. We will ship within 1-2 days as usual, but the post office might be more busy than usual.


New currency mod to Budoshop

I just added an exchange currency mod to the store. It means that when you add stuff to the shopping cart, you will see the price in SEK, and EUR, GBP, JPY and USD for totals. Note the currency is retrieved from Yahoo Finance on the fly. If you experience that it takes to long for the pages to load, please contact me and I will make it to Ajax script instead. I didn’t notice it tooks longer to load, same speed more or less.

Note this is only in the shopping cart, so add stuff to the cart if you want to see the prices in EUR, GBP, JPY and USD.