Pre order swords now before Tuesday (price adjustment is coming)

We will make a new order on Wednesday since we are out of stock on almost all our swords. You can pre order swords for the same price as they are in the shop now. When we get them back in stock we need to raise the price because the dollar is much higher now than when we set the price last time.

We made a sword catalog you can download with all specs of the swords we recommend. Note we can get a lot of other swords, but you need to contact us with requests because we can not keep them all in stock. We do not sell so many swords so please be patient with us. Read more in the PDF…

Aluminium training knife (back in stock)

Aluminium training knifeThis is a dull aluminium training knife very good for knife practicing, it gives a more realistic and scary feeling compared to a training knife made of wood.
The handle is wrapped in black para cord. You get a really good grip and will not slip out even if your hands are sweaty.
Total length: 8 1/2″ (22 cm)

blade length: 3 1/2 (10 cm)

blade thickness: 1/4″ (0,6 cm)

Price is 299 SEK

Free shipping in Sweden
49 SEK shipping to the rest of the world.