The Bujinkan theme for 2012 is SWORD…

The Bujinkan Theme for 2012 training is “futsu” and there will be a lot of trainings with the sword. When I’m writing this the trainings haven’t started yet, and no one really knows what the trainings will be like. I’ve already seen some good articles explaining some concepts, but I’m not sure if they will help you or plant something different in your mind that will distract you from what Hatsumi Soke will teach us this year.

At we got many Bujinkan sword DVD’s from the past years that might be good for studying the base sword work that is taught in the Bujinkan. We also have Swedish Tai Kai DVD’s with Hatsumi Soke, he always taught a lot of sword techniques in the past to. If you haven’t been around that long or just want to recap from the old days we got some good DVD’s for you. Check them out!

Pre order swords now before Tuesday (price adjustment is coming)

We will make a new order on Wednesday since we are out of stock on almost all our swords. You can pre order swords for the same price as they are in the shop now. When we get them back in stock we need to raise the price because the dollar is much higher now than when we set the price last time.

We made a sword catalog you can download with all specs of the swords we recommend. Note we can get a lot of other swords, but you need to contact us with requests because we can not keep them all in stock. We do not sell so many swords so please be patient with us. Read more in the PDF…

Swords back in stock

We have some of the swords back in stock now…

28″ IAITO – Kukishin-ryu katana model

Kukishin Ryu style sword. Stainless steel sword. It is mirror polished and very beautiful. Tsuka-ito is made of black cotton, wooden core with real Ray Skin. Double pinned mekugi.

23″ SHINKEN – Togakure-ryu ninja-to model

Togakure Ryu style sword. This sword is hand forged, through hardened, oil quenched, and hand polished 9260 Silicon Alloy Spring Steel, and very strong and durable.

I also got one Spring steel tanto, If you are interested in this one (see the link) and then please contact me. I have no plans of keeping this in stock. I also got another sword which I will upload pictures of to the Kaigozan photo album later this week. Same with this if you are interested in other types of swords, please contact me. The next sword order will probably be in March/April.

There will be new DVD’s in the shop later this week, or next week.

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