Poster – Budo Taijutsu

Huge poster with most of the Taijutsu techniques in the Bujinkan (read the disclaimer!).

$19.99. JPG file is 10.3 Mb, (150 dpi) CMYK, 10772 x 4530 pixels, 182,41 x 76,71 cm
(Earn $3.00 for every sold poster you forward!)

71.53″ x 30.00″
181.7 x 76.2 cm

Download the file and print your own poster (we use Vista Print).


I made this poster for my dojo (Kaigozan Dojo). I mentioned this on Faceb00k, and so many people was interested so I decided to make it available. But Please understand that there might be errors, I know the Ten Chi Jin Ryaku no maki section is a little different from what  others might claim is the basics (this is how we do it in Kaigozan Dojo), so live with it or make your own poster if you don’t like it.

The background picture is made by Aidan Hughes famous for the KMFDM record covers, movie posters and much more. It is depicting me beating up some thugs in a street alley, it was originally meant for a DVD cover (that been taken too long to make).

If you have questions please contact us or comment below (might take longer time to get answer).

Errata (known errors)

  • CHI-RYAKU – Keri ni taisuru kata (wrong kanji)
  • CHI-RYAKU – Ken no Taisukai to inashigata – 意無し型
  • CHI-RYAKU – Tsuki to keri ni taisuku waza – 突きと蹴りに対すく技
  • CHI-RYAKU – Gyaku-gi, missing Omote/Ura Onikudaki
  • CHI-RYAKU – Kansetsu-waza, 関節技 missing Omotegyaku-roppou, Uragyaku-roppou
  • JIN-RYAKU – Tsuki to keri ni taisuku waza kata

I’m afraid there might be some errors after it is printed. Please comment below if you found errors so that we can add that here to the errata.

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