Complete SHINDENFUDO-RYU DAKENTAIJUTSU with MATS HJELM was filmed at the Bujinkan Kaigozan Dojo during early to the late fall of 2023. The theme was Shindenfudo-ryu Dakentaijutsu.

There is no verbal instructions on this film. Each technique is demonstrated several times from all angles. For more information about this ryu-ha click here! Please notice there is several sub-pages to this page with more information.

Techniques is demonstrated from several angles. There is no verbal instructions, we highly suggest you get the Unarmed Fighting Techniques of the Samurai book (what I call the Densho Book by Hatsumi Soke). This book have all Taijutsu techniques from all the Bujinkan ryu-ha described, it is a must have for all studying the Bujinkan arts.


$9.99 Part 1

HD quality, total playing time is 21minutes. 477 Mb (H.264, AAC, 1280x720p)

Right now you can download the first part only (part 2 & 3 coming later this year).


All 84 techniques (28 Kihon +56 Urawaza) from the book “Unarmed Fighting Techniques of the Samurai” by Masaaki Hatsumi is demonstrated.

Each technique is showed from different angles. There is no exact way to do any technique in the Bujinkan Dojo, there is wrong ways of doing the technique and there is several ways of doing the techniques correctly. You need to be aware of how the opponent is reacting and adjust accordingly. Bujinkan Dojo Budo Taijutsu and all the Ryuha is far from dogmatic and rigid systems. This is why every single time the technique is demonstrated it is a little different.

This video was recorded from the beginning until the end of 2023 during our normal classes at Kaigozan Dojo. 

There is three levels and three video files (next two levels will be released later this year), 

Part 1 – TEN NO KATA (24 techniques (8 Kihon + 26 Urawaza)) 21 min
Also known as Ikken Hassō. Standing techniques against throwing and striking attacks.
Recorded at Kaigozan Dojo in March 11’th 2023.

Part 2 – CHI NO KATA (24 techniques (8 Kihon + 26 Urawaza))
Also known as Biken Isshun.
Will be recorded later this year.

Part 3 – SHIZEN SHIGOKU NO KATA (36 techniques (12 Kihon + 24 Urawaza)) 10 min
Will be recorded later this year.

Check out the following links for more about Mats Hjelm and Kaigozan Dojo.

Happy Training!

マツイエルマ Mats Hjelm (a.k.a. 兜龍 Toryū) Bujinkan 15’th Dan, Dai-Shihan 

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