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We moved away from DVD’s years ago. We only sell download videos.

We upload and store all our download videos on Payloadz. You can click here or “Download Movies” above in the menu. You can also click on the submenu to be more specific. After you clicked here you can sort the posts with the links on the menu to the right (or below, depending on your device).

We used to have other stuff to. It became too much, keeping stock and handling everything. We are not a business, no one get paid to do things. The money we earn on the downloads go to our Dojo rent and stuff.

About the format

The videos is h.264 standard format with the extension .m4v (if your system doesn’t recognize the file, try rename it to filename.mp4, it is the same type of file. It is like the paper cover of the packet), and the resolution is from 480 x 272 pixels to 720 x 480 pixels, newer videos is 720p. File sizes varies.

The older downloads is archived with Zip, so you need to unZip it first (if you don’t know how, g00g1e “unzip”). You can’t do this on your iPad (I think).

Apple devices:  Just add the video to iTunes and sync it to your favorite device (iPhone, iPod or iPad), stream it to your Apple TV or watch it on your computer. There is no need to convert the file, it will work flawlessly. You can not normaly download directly to your iPad because it does not allow zip files to be downloaded. Maybe if you have an ftp program to download with and unzip (I have not tested it myself but it may work, or not?). It is best to download with your computer and then sync it to your device.

Windows: Add it to iTunes and sync it to your Apple device. Or watch it on the computer with a media player that supports h.264, we recommend VLC Media Player. I guess there are much more options to, g00g1e it!

Linux: If you use Linux I don’t need to tell you how to do it ;-).

NOTE: The video files have the .m4v extension, it is the same as .mp4! So if you have problems with your video player, just rename the extension to .mp4 and it will work (tested on Windows 7). 

* The old TV resolution was 4:3 and 352×288 pixels for PAL (European system), NTSC (USA & Japan) was lower but more frames per second.

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