Budoshop.se is up and working again

When upgrading the store one of the files was overwritten so that most links didn’t work, the top menu also disappeared. All this has been fixed now!

I did not notice this myself because I had the site in cache and didn’t think about it. If you have problems with the web site, especially if it doesn’t work, please, please, please let me know!!!

New currency mod to Budoshop

I just added an exchange currency mod to the store. It means that when you add stuff to the shopping cart, you will see the price in SEK, and EUR, GBP, JPY and USD for totals. Note the currency is retrieved from Yahoo Finance on the fly. If you experience that it takes to long for the pages to load, please contact me and I will make it to Ajax script instead. I didn’t notice it tooks longer to load, same speed more or less.

Note this is only in the shopping cart, so add stuff to the cart if you want to see the prices in EUR, GBP, JPY and USD.

New Ajax search on the web Store

Skärmavbild 2009-12-09 kl. 18.27.53I installed a new Ajax search function on the web store site, in the top search box and in the right column (not on the advanced search page).

When you have typed three characters it will start searching on the fly, you can keep typing or click on one of the items showing up on the search.

Please let me know if you have problems!

Also if you want your stuff until Christmas, please make the order soon. We will ship within 1-2 days as usual, but the post office might be more busy than usual.


New blog theme is Arras

As you may have noticed we changed the theme and style on this blog, please let us know what you think. Click on the attached image to see how it looked before.

the store crashed!

Few people are interested in DVD’s these days, we got maybe 1-2 orders a month the last year. We had an SSL / https certificate that just expired, and with that the store crashed. It is not really that important to have https on the store until you check out, so we decided to not extend the SSL certificate. Right now I’m trying to fix the errors so that it will work with just http (unencrypted).

Note, it is not really anymore unsafe if we switch of https on our site because your payments are all handled on PayPal which always is https/SSL encrypted. When the payment is done you get redirected back to our server. We never see your payment details, PayPal tells us if the transaction was done or not, that is all the information we get.

Mean while we will try to speed up and make all our DVD’s available for download except a few, those that is not our productions almost all the Ed Martin DVD’s and half of the Dean Rostohar DVD’s. Almost all the others is our productions and will be available as soon as possible.

I have a feeling that it will be too difficult to fix the store, so you can email us if there is a particular DVD you want to buy. We can make the order manually through PayPal.

The Downloads store was not affected by this.

Look at this page where you can see all our products (I’m updating it now!)