Magento commerce fails another upgrade

If you’re thinking of setting up a web store, don’t choose Magento! Upgrades always fuck up the the SQL tables, always.

If you’re a smart guy and remember to back up before happily click on the upgrade to the newest “stable” version button, or do it when you know you have unlimited hours to spare you can go for it.

Magento is a very good but extremely complicated system. It is not like WordPress which is very simple, and never fails an upgrade.

I fucked up with the upgrade, and wish I postponed it until I have plenty of time to handle the errors. This never fails… there is always something :-).

I have no idea when the store will be up again. If you are in a hurry you can contact me and we fix it without this shitty Magento cart system.

Now I want my coffe!

Edit (day after)… I didn’t do anything and now everything works again, so I’m happy now. I guess it was the web server cache or something? Anyway now that it is upgraded I ordered a back up. My web host only allow 30 second php executions which is way too little to back up the huge database from the Magento admin panel. I will clean it up from log files as soon as I have the backup, there is no button from the admin to do this so I have to install a script, or do it manually :-/. Maybe then the back up script from the admin panel will finish within 30 seconds (I hope).

My web host do take backup daily, so if I don’t do it hey do it. Worst case scenario is that I loose data just before the daily backup. But all payments are done on PayPal servers, and I’m sure they do backup the whole time.

Our customers credit card numbers and PayPal accounts is safely stored on PayPal, we never have access to your credit card information. If they screw up it will be on the news all over the world since millions of people use their service.

So there is no cause for you to worry!

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