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This 62 minute video is from a seminar with Mats Hjelm teaching at the Kaigozan Dojo in June 2011. On this video he teaches the Bujinkan Dojo Budo Taijutsu fundamentals. This is the third and last part from his Mudansha Guide, or more known as Jin Ryaku no Maki (the third part of Ten-Chi-Jin Ryaku no Maki). He taught…

Suwari kata : Five techniques from a sitting position.

Katate-dori kata : Five techniques from a one hand grab situation.

Ryote-dori kata : Seven techniques against two handed grab situations.

Haibu-yoru kata : Five techniques from grabs from behind.

Tsuki-uchi kata : Nine techniques from a punching situation.

Keri ni taisuru ukemi kata : Five techniques from kicking attacks.

Tsuki to keri ni taisuru ukemi kata : Four techniques from striking and kicking attacks.

Nage kaeshi kata : Nine techniques from throwing attempts.

Tonso kata: Three release, attack and escaping forms.

Muto-dori kata: Four techniques from knife and sword attacks.

All these 56 techniques is shown 2-3 times from different angles and explained shortly. This was filmed outside and it is sometimes difficult to hear what is said, but the way Mats teaches is very easy to understand by body language, so don’t worry about that. The instructions is all in English.

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