SELF DEFENCE with one arm injured – ED, SHEILA and SHAWN

SELF DEFENCE with one arm injured – ED, SHEILA and SHAWN (Keiko#10-a). Extra training with ED MARTIN, SHEILA HADDAD and SHAWN GRAY. This was an extra training before the great Kaigousuru Taikai 2005.

SELF DEFENCE with one arm injured - ED, SHEILA and SHAWN

SELF DEFENCE with one arm injured – ED, SHEILA and SHAWN
56 minutes, 1.12 Gb for $11.99

The Thursday training theme was how to defend yourself if one arm is injured and you can’t use it at all. This session also finished off with some defences against knife attacks.

The training was led by
Ed Martin (USA)
Sheila Haddad (USA)
Shawn Gray (Canada)
who all are well known and respected instructors in Bujinkan Dojo.

Recorded in Stockholm, Sweden May 2005

Note: The instructions is in English and there is no sub titles on this Video


Shawn left behing 10 years of Karate and Kendo to begin Bujinkan training in Canada after returning from a 1-year stay in Japan in 1990. After a training visit in 1995, he relocated to Japan permanently in January of 1997. Shawn passed the godan test in January of 1999, and in 2000 at the urging of Hatsumi sensei established a dojo, the first Bujinkan dojo in Japan led by a civilian foreigner. Shawn has regularly served as interpreter for Dr. Hatsumi and has translated much of Senseis writing into english. He has been regularly invited to give seminars in Europe , North America , and Asia.

More info about Shawn


She have been training in martial arts since 1989, and teaching for over 20 years. More info about Sheila


Except for being a TWA pilot and B26 pilot who flew a nuclear mission during the Cuban Blockade in Oct 1962. He was also one of the highest ranked Bujinkan instructors. Ed produced a video tape entitled ‘Self Defense for Everyone’. This earned an award of merit from Masaaki Hatsumi and a suggestion by Ninjutsu’s Grandmaster to make a sequel.

Sadly he passed away in July 2017.

He touched so many people, all over the world. For many of you, he was like a father for you too. With his unrelenting will, he accomplished so much. We thank you all for allowing him into your lives and into your hearts. For many others, he was your brother, your Uncle Ed, your friend and teacher. Our Papa San

Papa San’s daughter on Facebook

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