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Shugyou, in-depth training and study material. Including video and manual

The theme is Soujutsu (Spearfighting), from the level Kaisetsu Kata (Mysterious patterns), some say this is Kukishin-ryu (But I’m not really sure!). However this is the spear forms taught in the Bujinkan system.

The manual is in Swedish, the instructions on the DVD are in Swedish! The Manual covers 8 basic postures, 9 basic techniques, salutations, & articles. The manual is 18 pages with 67 pictures and illustrations. The DVD is 60 minutes

Recorded in Stockholm February 2004

About the instructor

Mats Hjelm started training in Bujinkan for the first time around 1983, but it wasn’t until 1986 he had the opportunity to start training more seriously under a Shidôshi. He attends around 20 seminars, go to Japan 2-3 times every year. Since he started training he never had a training break. He takes his budo training very seriously! If you want to sponsor a seminar or course, please don’t hesitate to contact him. For more information see his web site Note!

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