KAIGOUSURU 2005 TAIKAI – 9′th International Training Party

Buy the DVD click here!576 minutes (that’s almost 10 hours material!), get it all for $39.98 Scroll down to get the discount. Or buy videos separately from $4.99 and up.

Kaigousuru 2005 – the ninth International Bujinkan Training Party with…

– Arnaud Cousergue (France)
– Ed Martin (USA)
– Elias Krzywacki (Norway)
– Hans Nilsson (Sweden)
– Lubos Pokorny (Czech Republic)
– Mariette v.d. Vliet (Holland)
– Mats Hjelm (Sweden)
– Roger Mattsson (Sweden)
– Shawn Gray (Japan)
– Sheila Haddad (USA)
– Steffen Fröhlich (Germany)
– Sveneric Bogsäter (Holland)

This year we had a bunch of instructors as you can see, we often had two classes at the same time, we filmed them all. We’ve had the Black belt sessions on the web site for sale a long time, that only is 4 hours long. But we also recorded much more than this DVD, we had a second camera recording the Green belt sessions, and a third video camera doing video interviews and special lectures with the instructors. We are releasing everything here.

576 minutes (that’s almost 10 hours material!), get it all for $39.98 Scroll down to get the discount. Or buy videos separately from $4.99 and up.

Recorded in Stockholm, Sweden May 2005

All movies are 640×360 (H.264, AAC), in windows rename file from .M4V to .MP4 if you have problems.


Part 1 – 121 minutes, 1.29 Gb for $14.99

Black Belt & Joint trainings part 1

121 minutes Black Belt trainings or Joint traings with all people. Steffen Fröhlich taught Taijutsu. Shawn Gray taught Gyokko-ryu, where one of the Uke had a Yoroi (samurai armor). Mats Hjelm taught knife defense and taijutsu. Roger Mattsson taught Taijutsu and Bojutsu. Arnaud Cousergue taught Taijutsu.

Part 2 – 123 minutes, 1.30 Gb for $14.99

Black Belt & Joint trainings part 2

123 minutes Sveneric Bogsäter taught knife kihon-happo. Lubos Pokorny taught taijutsu and weapons. Elias Krzywacki taught Gyokko-ryu. Sheila Haddad taught defense against knife attacks. Mariette v.d. Vliet taught taijutsu. Hans Nilsson taught taijutsu.

Part 3 – 64 minutes, 658 Mb for $4.99

Bonus part 1 – Warm-up and lectures

64 minutes where Arnaud did a special warm-up exercise to strengthen your Kamae and blocking. Elias did warm-up exercises which will give you better coordination skills. We took Ed outside where he taught breathing exercises for the camera only. We also took Arnaud to the side where he gave a lecture on the Yoroi (Samurai armor), explaining all the parts while dressing one of the students in our new Yoroi. Then doing ukemi on the concrete floor.

Part 4 – 54 minutes, 550 Gb for $4.99

Bonus part 2 – Instructor interviews

54 minutes. We took all twelve instructors to the side and did interviews with them. Find out what Arnaud, Ed, Elias, Hans, Lubos, Mariette, Mats, Roger, Shawn, Sheila, Steffen, and Sveneric had to say.

Part 5 – 63 minutes, 639 Mb for $4.99

Bonus part 3 – Q & A sessions

63 minutes where the participants asked the instructors any question they wanted. It was good interesting talk about the years theme, the ryuha, training, life, philosophy and much more.

Part 6 – 155 minutes, 1.65 Gb for $9.99

Bonus part 4 – Green belt sessions

On this video Mariette, Sheila, Sveneric, Mats and Arnaud taught the green belts basics.

Special discount prices

Bonus 1-4 videos

Get all the Bonus videos and save $4.97

Part 1-2 – 240 minutes, XXX Gb for $19.99

Black Belt & Joint trainings part 1-2

Get the whole Kaigousuru 2005 DVD (excluding the bonuses). Save $9.99

Part 3-6 – 336 minutes, 3.5 Gb for $19.99

Excerpts with all the instructors

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