Sanshin no kata and Kihon-happo is the most fundamental and important techniques in the Bujinkan Dojo. Five blocking techniques and five counter strikes was taught; the basic form and also jissen feeling.
This video is from a seminar in Riga, Latvia in February 26th 2011. This is day one of two. The first day the theme was Sanshin no kata and the second day Juttejutsu.

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On this video Mats was teaching the Sanshin no kata. He taught the basics, and more self defence and real responses. Without weapons and with weapons. There is five different ways of receiving an attack, and five different ways of counter attacking.


地 CHI (earth)
水 SUI (water)
火 KA (fire)
風 FŪ (wind)
空 KŪ (void)
The techniques is called…

The video is 45 minutes, and 640 x 360 pixels, h.264 and AAC.

Recorded in Riga, Latvia February 2011

Sample clip from the video

For a longer article about this seminar, see Mats blog.

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Keiko#04 JUPPO SESSHO (part 1) with SHAWN GRAY

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A seminar in Kaigozan Dojo with Shawn Gray from Japan.

The theme for this video is Koteki Ryouda Juppou Sesshou no Jutsu – (Kunai, & Basic Taijutsu). Shawn taught the first four Kunai Kata (Kiri no Ichiyou, Mizu-tori, Rakka, Mawashi- dori) from Koteki Ryouda Juppou Sessho no Jutsu (the 2003 Bujinkan theme). He also taught Taihenjutsu Ukemi, Sanshin no Kata and Kihon Happou applications and more. There is a bonus segment with the last and fifth kata, Gorin Kudaki by Mats Hjelm.

Recorded in Stockholm, Sweden March 2003

Note: The instructions is in English and there is no sub titles on this VCD

About the instructor

Shawn left behing 10 years of Karate and Kendo to begin Bujinkan training in Canada after returning from a 1-year stay in Japan in 1990. After a training visit in 1995, he relocated to Japan permanently in January of 1997. Shawn passed the godan test in January of 1999, and in 2000 at the urging of Hatsumi sensei established a dojo, the first Bujinkan dojo in Japan led by a civilian foreigner. Shawn has regularly served as interpreter for Dr. Hatsumi and has translated much of Senseis writing into english. He has been regularly invited to give seminars in Europe , North America , and Asia.

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