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This years theme was Shindenfudo-ryu Dakentaijutsu Happobiken, Taijutsu & Sword – (Bujinkan sword basics & advanced).

The theme of this DVD is understanding the natural body movement in fighting. Darren taught many techniques from Shindenfudo-ryu and the feelings of Iken-hassô, Biken-isshun, and much much more. There is three dvd’s in this box set…

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DVD1 Ten no kata (160 min, 1.98 Gb)
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DVD2 Shizenshigoku no kata (130 min, 1.57 Gb)
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DVD3 Bikenjutsu + Naginata + Q& A (90 min, 1.06Gb)
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Or buy all three for $34.99 and save $19.98

Recorded: Recorded in Stockholm July 2006

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