Keiko#33 DOWN UNDER 2017 with MATS HJELM


Down Under 2017


Three video files, total playing time is 106 minutes. 5.7 Gb (H.264, AAC, 1280x720p)

This was filmed in Australia in the middle of Mats Hjelm’s #JapanTrip38.

The instructions on this film is in English. Each technique is demonstrated several times from all angles. The techniques are a mix of basics and new techniques from Japan trainings this year.

14-15 OCT – Port Macquarie Seminar

On Saturday the training started with all three forms in Sanshin no kata, then moved on to Muto-dori. Muto-dori and especially Shinken-shiraha-dome is this years theme in Japan, it is unarmed defence against knife and sword where you grab the blade.

Sanshin Gokei no kata (5 techniques)
Sanshin Gogyo no kata (5 techniques)
Sanshin Goshin no kata (5 techniques)
Sanshin with Kunai (5 techniques)
Muto-dori and Taijutsu (many techniques)

On Sunday the training started with Ashirau with is techniques trapping his legs and take him down. Then Taijutsu and Muto-dori against sword and knife was taught. Finally the five Jutte techniques from Kukishin-ryu was taught.

Ashirau (4 techniques and henka)
Muto-dori and Taijutsu (many techniques)
Jutte-jutsu (5 techniques)


The video is edited down to 62 minutes

17 OCT – Newcastle extra training

Some of the people was at the seminar and requested more Ashirau techniques and Jutte techniques. A little Kunai was taught and also Muto-dori and Taijutsu.

The video is edited down to 17 minutes.

18 OCT – Sydney extra training

Taijutsu and Muto-dori was taught at this extra training.

The video is edited down to 27 minutes.


Title: Down under in Australia with Mats Hjelm
Instructors: Mats Hjelm
Theme: Sanshin no kata, Kunai, Jutte, Muto-dori
Recorded: Recorded in Port Macquarie, Newcastle and Sydney, Australian October 2017

Kind: Apple MPEG-4 movie
Size: 5 703 149 641 bytes (5,7 GB on disk)
Dimensions: 1280×720
Codecs: H.264, AAC, Photo – JPEG, QuickTime Text
Duration: 106 min


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Kaigousuru 7 – the seventh International Bujinkan Training Party with…

– Dean Rostohar
– Ed Martin
– Elias Krzywacki
– Lubos Pokorny
– Mariette v.d Vliet
– Mats Hjelm
– Sveneric Bogsäter
– Thomas Franzen

Theme was Koteki ryoda juppo sessho no jutsu, Kihon Happou, Kunai, Kyoketsusshoge and much more

Recorded in Stockholm, Sweden April 18-20’th 2003


Part 1 – 85 minutes, 600 Mb for $9.99

Part 2 – 65 minutes, 460 Mb for $9.99


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Elias taught Kihon Happou with Juppou Sesshou feeling. Dean talked about and taught basic principles in combat. Mats taught the Kunai Kata with help from Onni Koskinen and Ed. Thomas taught Taijutsu and Kunai. Ed taught ten breathing excercises and knife defense. Sveneric taught Bajutsu, Kunai and Sanshin no Kata. Lubos taught Kunai and Taijutsu. Michael Clysén taught Ten Ryaku no Maki techniques and Mariette did henka with the Kunai.

There was also a Q&A session, where the instructors talked about this years theme and much more.

Sample clip from the video

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On this video Juttejutsu and the six basic baton techniques we study in the Bujinkan system is taught. First the basic technique is shown and explained, then the jissen feeling and variations.
This video is from a seminar in Riga, Latvia in February 27th 2011. This is day two of two. The first day the theme was Sanshin no kata and the second day Juttejutsu.

47 minutes, 580 Mb for $10.99  

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On this video Mats was teaching the six Juttejutsu techniques. He taught the basics, and more self defence and real responses. With weapons and without weapons. There is six different techniques. The techniques is called…

桐之一葉 KIRI NO HITOHA – falling paulowina leaf (arrival of autumn)
落花 RAKKA – falling blossoms
水鳥 MIZU-DORI – water bird / 五輪碎 GORIN KUDAKI – five rings crush
雷閃 RAI-SEN – flash of lightning
竜下 TATSUGE – inferior dragon
廻捕 MAWARIDORI – revolve and capture

The video is 47 minutes, and 640 x 360 pixels, h.264 and AAC.

Recorded in Riga, Latvia February 2011

For a longer article about this seminar, see Mats blog.

Sample clip from the video

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