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On this video Juttejutsu and the six basic baton techniques we study in the Bujinkan system is taught. First the basic technique is shown and explained, then the jissen feeling and variations.
This video is from a seminar in Riga, Latvia in February 27th 2011. This is day two of two. The first day the theme was Sanshin no kata and the second day Juttejutsu.

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On this video Mats was teaching the six Juttejutsu techniques. He taught the basics, and more self defence and real responses. With weapons and without weapons. There is six different techniques. The techniques is called…

桐之一葉 KIRI NO HITOHA – falling paulowina leaf (arrival of autumn)
落花 RAKKA – falling blossoms
水鳥 MIZU-DORI – water bird / 五輪碎 GORIN KUDAKI – five rings crush
雷閃 RAI-SEN – flash of lightning
竜下 TATSUGE – inferior dragon
廻捕 MAWARIDORI – revolve and capture

The video is 47 minutes, and 640 x 360 pixels, h.264 and AAC.

Recorded in Riga, Latvia February 2011

For a longer article about this seminar, see Mats blog.

Sample clip from the video

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