STICK FIGHTING, Techniques of self defence with MATS HJELM

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Stick fighting for self defence with Mats Hjelm

70 minutes, 480 Mb for $19.99
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Stick Fighting, techniques of self defence (cane and short stick). Recorded in Stockholm, Sweden – June-July 2010

These are very effective and simple self-defence techniques that anyone can learn. You can use a cane, sticks of all sizes, pencils, rolled up magazine or anything with a stick like form.

On this video Mats show all the techniques from the classic “Stick Fighting” book by Hatsumi & Chambers. We recommend you to also buy this book for further studies.

Mats: I recently acquired your DVD on the hanbo. It is by far the best available. I have made a special study of hanbo and cane techniques for the past 10 years and have collected more than 150 books and DVDs on these techniques, so I believe I can make that statement with confidence. Congratulations!

– Tom Lang Author of The Stick and Cane in Close Combat (Unique Publications)

Sample clip from the video

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In 1971 Kodansha released a book with Hatsumi Sōke and Quentin Chambers, this book have been a good resource for many martial arts instructors and practitioners, not just within the Bujinkan, and this for a good reason. The techniques from the book is a collection of techniques from various ryū-ha, mostly from Kukishin-ryū. The book have step-by-step instructions with over 300 pictures, but if you don’t have previous experience in Bujinkan the movements might be difficult to fully understand. But together with this video, you also get the movements behind the techniques. We recommend you both the book and our video.

We do not sell this book, buy the book from Amazon, click here!

Both the video and the book contains the following techniques…

– 8 basic movement techniques
– technique 1-11 is against fist attacks
– technique 12-16 is against foot attacks
– technique 17-31 is against wrist holding
– technique 32-43 is against sleeve and lapel holding
– technique 44-47 is against seizure from behind
– technique 48-51 is against stick holding
– 7 immobilization techniques

Screen captures from the video

About the instructor

Mats Hjelm started training in Bujinkan for the first time around 1983, but it wasn’t until 1986 he had the opportunity to start training more seriously under a Shidôshi. He attends around 20 seminars, go to Japan 2-3 times every year. Since he started training he never had a training break. He takes his budo training very seriously! If you want to sponsor a seminar or course, please don’t hesitate to contact him. For more information see his web site Note!

Note: The instructions is in English and there is no sub titles on this DVD

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