KIHON-HAPPO with DUNCAN STEWART (Kihon#05). Sponsored by Bujinkan Kaigozan Dojo.


100 minutes, 1.14 Gb for $19.99
(H.264, 400p)

We had Duncan Stewart here in Stockholm for a seminar in the beginning of April 2010. We filmed all the trainings and release them on two separate DVDs, each one is 2 hours long, we also released another DVD from the extra training where he taught Kihon Happo.


Kihon Happō is the most fundamental and important unarmed fighting techniques in the Bujinkan system.

On this DVD Duncan show the basic techniques, henka and more advanced. Without weapons and with weapons, also the connection to this years theme Rokkon-shoujou.

Mats Hjelm Shihan from Sweden and Jukka Nummenranta Shihan from Finland also contributed to this training.

Budo is not about instruction. It is about learning to teach yourself. This is the first thing I want people who attend the Bushinden Kai to understand. We are all on our own Shugyo. We must take responsibility for ourselves, while developing the heart and compassion of the Bujinkan Bugeisha.

Who is Duncan Stewart

Duncan has been training Bujinkan Budo Taijutsu since 1988 and is ranked Judan Kugyo. He has lived in Japan since 2004 and trains consistently with Hatsumi Soke, Nagato Shihan, Noguchi Shihan, Someya Shihan and Someya Shihan. He is often uke and asked to demonstrate at classes.
Duncan was Nagato Shihans sole uke at the Bujinkan Honbu for two years when studying direct from the Gyokko Ryu Densho and the Kukishinden Ryu.

If you want to sponsor a seminar or course, please don’t hesitate to contact him. For more information see his web site

For more videos with Duncan Stewart, click here!

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