DVD’s of the Bujinkan theme 2011

季翻初崩 KIHON HAPPO is the theme of 2011 and the characters Soke use is these. The meaning of these characters and how the training evolves in 2011 is yet to see.

Whenever we host a seminar with an instructor that never been here before we like to get them to teach their impression on Kihon-happo. All teachers teach the basics a little different from time to time, this is the way it should be done in an living art such as Bujinkan.

基本八法 KIHON HAPPO is the most fundamental basic techniques in the Bujinkan system. They are eight basic techniques. But they should not be thought of only eight techniques but rather all directions, or multi-dimensional. The techniques are divided in two groups.


1. Ichimonji
2. Hicho
3. Jumonji


1. Omote-gyaku
2. Omote-gyaku-tsuki
3. Ura-gyaku
4. Musha-dori
5. Ganseki-nage

Some instructors chose to replace Musha-dori with Oni-kudaki, and/or Ganseki-nage with Muso-dori etc, honestly I don’t know why? (see Togakure-ryu Ninpo-taijutsu book, Bujin-, Tetsuzan-, and Sanmyaku newsletters, the Quest videos etc for reference)

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