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This years theme was Roppô Kuji + Bûdô no Kiso – (Bujinkan sword basics & advanced).

Title: Bujinkan Kihon #1
Instructors: Tim Bathurst – 13’th Dan
Theme: Kihon Happo with the feeling of Roppô Kuji no Biken
Recorded in Stockholm, Sweden August 2004
75 Minutes playing time top quality
Language: English

In August 2004 Tim Bathurst came to visit us in Stockholm, Sweden to give a seminar on this years Bujinkan theme, Roppô Kuji no Biken. This video is from the extra training on Thursday, and the first hours from Sunday morning at the seminar (see Keiko#9). He taught Kihon Happô basics and applications with or without weapons, mostly knife and swords.

Kihon Happo

1. Ichimonji
2. Hichô
3. Jûmonji
4. Omote-gyaku
5. Omote-gyaku-tsuki
6. Ura-gyaku (was not taught!)
7. Musha-dori
8. Ganseki-nage

Recorded in Stockholm, Sweden August 2004

Who is Tim Bathurst?

Good question… Tim is a senior student of Grandmaster Masaaki Hatsumi, living and training in Tokyo Japan. After a few visits starting in 1990, Tim moved to Japan in 1997 and is one of the few foreigners to have earned the title of Shihan while living in Japan. Presently graded at Judan-ka (10th Dan-Fire level…13th Dan to some.)

Tim has never been in the Military, never served as a police officer, never done personal security, never been to war… Actually, the only thing he has really done is train with the best of the Bujinkan for the last dozen years or so.

If you\’ve been to Japan in the last 5 years or so you would have seen Tim at Hatsumi sensei\’s or Nagato sensei\’s dojos. If you\’re unlucky you will also have to put up with him translating from Japanese into his own Australian version of English… and occasionally into rather poor Spanish.

One of the huge benefits of training for so long in Japan is that Tim has learnt his weapons technique as well as his Taijutsu directly from the Grandmaster and the top Master students of the Art.

From his own web site…

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