Masaaki Hatsumi – Taikai 1988 Stockholm, Sweden


60 minutes, 543 Mb for $19.99
(H.264, 400p) – Also available on DVD

This was the first time Hatsumi Soke visited the land of the Vikings. Accompanying him was
– Oguri Shihan,
– Nagato Shihan,
– Noguchi Shihan and
– Navon Shihan.

Doron Navon also acted as the translator.

The theme was Taijutsu and weapons.

Soke taught Bujinkan basics such Koku from Gyokko-ryu. Taihenjutsu, rolling, tehodoki getting out from a hand grab, onikudaki, ganseki nage. Muto-dori evasion from sword attacks. Hanbojutsu techniques with a stick. Sword, spear and much more was also covered.

Thanks to Sveneric Bogsäter who allowed us to reproduce this video to DVD, now you to can get a copy of this great historical video document from the first Swedish Taikai.

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