GYAKU-GI with MATS HJELM (Istanbul 2011)

裏鬼砕 Ura oni-kudaki

On this video 逆技 GYAKU-GI, all nine reversal techniques from CHI RYAKU NO MAKI level from the Bujinkan Shinden Kihon Kata is taught. First the basic technique is shown and explained, then the jissen feeling and variations.

This video is from a seminar in Istanbul, Turkey in March 19-20th 2011.

75 minutes, 540 Mb for $14.99  

This video is not available as DVD!

On this video Mats was teaching the nine 逆技 Gyaku-gi (Gyaku-waza) techniques from the Bujinkan Shinden Kihon Kata, Chi Ryaku no Maki. He taught the basics, and more self defence and real responses. With weapons and without weapons. There is nine different techniques. The techniques is called…

竹折 Take-ori
表逆 Omote-gyaku
裏逆 Ura-gyaku
本逆 Hon-gyaku
表鬼砕 Omote oni-kudaki
裏鬼砕 Ura oni-kudaki
武者捕 Musha-dori
武双捕 Musō-dori
大逆 Ō-gyaku

The video is 75 minutes, and 480 x 272 pixels, h.264 and AAC.

Recorded in Istanbul, Turkey in March 2011

For a longer article about this seminar, see Mats blog.

Sample clip from the video

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