KAIGOUSURU 2006 TAIKAI – 10’th International Training Party

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Kaigousuru 10 – the tenth International Bujinkan Training Party with…

– Arnaud Cousergue (Fra)
– Ed Martin (USA)
– Lauri Jokinen (Fin)
– Lubos Pokorny (Cze)
– Mats Hjelm (Swe)

At this three day Tai Kai the five instructors taught three classes each. One big group with everyone, then we had split up the group in two, green belts and the black belts so that the instructors could teach more freely and more detailed to the appropriate groups. See below for details of what they taught.

Recorded in Stockholm, Sweden April 2006

All movies are 640×360 (H.264, AAC), in windows rename file from .M4V to .MP4 if you have problems.


Part 1 – 138 minutes, 1.67 Gb for $14.99

Arnaud Cousergue (France)

138 minutes where Arnaud taught Taijutsu, the first class was more advanced Taijutsu. The second class was for the green belts where he taught proper Kamae, blocking and movement.


Part 2 – 68 minutes, 831 Mb for $11.99

Ed Martin (U.S.A.)

68 minutes where Ed taught breathing techniques, how to use the body structure to your advantage, self defense from a knife attack. To the green belt class he taught Taijutsu from grabbing situations.


Part 3 – 90 minutes, 1.1 Gb for $11.99

Lauri Jokinen (Finland)

90 minutes where Lauri taught Suwari-gata and Tachi-waza techniques from Shindenfudo-ryu. At the green belt class he taught more Taijutsu henka, and a little basics.


Part 4 – 90 minutes, 1.1 Gb for $11.99

Lubos Pokorny (Czech Republic)

90 minutes where Lubos taught Taijutsu feeling from his many months in Japan this year (we did not film the green belt class with Lubos).


Part 5 – 88 minutes, 1.06 Gb for $11.99

Mats Hjelm (Sweden)

88 minutes where Mats Hjelm taught Sabaki, Kamae, Striking and blocking. Sanshin no kata. Sword basics, Iai-nuki, cutting (makiwara cutting), evading/blocking. And Shindenfudo-ryu Taijutsu techniques.

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