TOGAKURE-RYU NINJUTSU with MATS HJELM (Keiko#21). This video covers the nine Ninjutsu/Ninpo-taijutsu techniques from SANTO TONKO NO KATA.

115 minutes, 1.2 Gb for $19.99
(h.264 M4V/MP4 400p format)
And 24 page pdf booklet

This movie contains all 9 techniques from the Togakure-ryû Santo Tonko no Kata.

Santo Tonko no Kata (or Tonso no Kata) is the strategy of the fleeing rat. There is 9 Tonso kata techniques. Made for quick self defence and escaping away safely.

We can divide all nine techniques into three types of attacks with three techniques each.

  • Taijutsu techniques (unarmed against one unarmed opponent)
  • Muto-dori techniques (unarmed against one swords man)
  • Kakushi-buki techniques (hidden weapons against multiple opponents)

If the Ninja is caught by the enemy he must do everything to report back with the information he gathered. Staying and fighting would be very stupid, risking to lose all information was not a good thing.

The Ninja had different tools and surprises in their skillset to buy them time to flee back to their troops with their very important information. The information might be important for the whole battle.

Also included in this movie is Sanshin no kata using a hidden knife. Plus many taihenjutsu (breakfalling) techniques and training drills.

Included is a 24 page pdf booklet in English. With the Santo Tonko techniques described.

Recorded in Stockholm May 2008

The instructions is in English and there is some subtitles explaining things which is not obvious.

About the instructor

Mats Hjelm started training in Bujinkan for the first time around 1983. In 1986 he moved to Stockholm and started training with a real Shidōshi. He met Hatsumi Sōke for the first time in Stockholm 1988. He attended around 20 seminars with Sōke and travelled to Japan 50 times. Mats takes his budo training very seriously, he never really had a longer break from training!

For more information see his web site Note!

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